About Us

IGNETS role in Media, Telecom & IT sectors in Pakistan, and is aiming for nearby regions in near future:

Major provider for Telcos, Corporations, ISP and other Service Providers

  • Aiming to serve Pakistan & nearby regions
  • Always at the forefront of the Technology
  • Best of combination of Experience and Skills
  • Provides Consultancy & Tailored Solutions
  • 24/7/365 Support Services

IGNETS, with years of experience of Media, Telecommunication & IT Services is a major provider of wide range of connectivity & broadcasting services in Pakistan.

IGNETS offers end-to-end communication & broadcasting solutions for corporate networks & broadcasters in Pakistan and nearby regions with the similar edge.

With the access of fleet of satellites and a global network of Earth stations of Singapore Telecom, IGNETS has the capability of transmitting information to and from virtually any location in Pakistan.

Spare headed by IGNETS Groups of Companies, Pakistan, strategically located in Federal capital – Islamabad, Pakistan, IGNETS Pakistan, ensures uninterrupted connectivity and uplinking 24 hours a day, through its highly dependent support services

With the vision of embarking intellectual connectivity services we are aiming to introduce our State of the Art services of Backbone Connectivity & IP Trunking, Private Networks, GSM Backhaul, Point-to-Point /Point-to-Multipoint connectivity, Voice over IP, GSM Backhauling, Small / Medium / Large RF Networks, Wimax, Extranets, DAMA / DVBS2 & Teleporting Services within Pakistan’s fertile IT & Broadcasting Markets.