Equipped with comprehensive customer sentiment data from across our IGNETS, our support technologists are wired & ready to anticipate and act on any customer need in 20+ languages, across any channel, all while strategically transitioning service to sales at every touchpoint.

We are highly selective in recruiting our global agent force, resulting in highly meaningful and effective interactions, across 20+ languages.

You can’t upsell a customer if they don’t trust you. We make sure our agents exemplify the best in your brand, quickly and effectively solve issues on the first pass, then set the table for what to sell next.

Successful customer retention is a key factor in ongoing brand revenue, performance, and profit. We understand how important a positive interaction can be, and how vocal a lost customer is. We work to ensure that an angry customer doesn’t turn into a lost customer.

Our support agents specialize in maintaining highly-engaging and highly-valuable support calls, with call times optimized appropriately for effective support and sales.

  • Customer Care
  • Billing Inquiries
  • Service to Sales
  • Sales
  • Technical Support
  • Customer Retention

Customers are increasingly using digital and social channels to approach the brands they love. We can quickly and successfully handle customer inquiries from any channel, analyze all digital sentiment for intelligent action, and leave customers with an overwhelmingly positive brand experience.

  • Chat
  • SMS
  • Email
  • IVR
  • Social
  • Analytics

At IGNETS, we work with you to create a contact center delivery model that is optimal for your business needs. We take into account all factors including your unique situation, technology constraints, business needs, and financial considerations. Once we have assessed your complete set of requirements, we will structure a customized support solution that completely fulfills your brand requirements.

  • Fully Outsourced
  • Build/Operate/Transfer
  • Co-Sourced
  • Facility Re-Build

Always available and jam-packed with answers, Valet is an adaptive chatbot that learns as it helps, quickly triaging and solving high-frequency support requests via a huge database of learned & predefined issues, complete with resolution pathways for immediate solutions to any number of customer inquiries.

We know that forward-thinking brands need more than just a vendor – they need a strategic partner who can help improve their organization, discover efficiencies, bring down costs, and implement dynamic new technologies and processes that drive performance enhancement and evolution across every link in your enterprise value chain.

  • Build efficiencies
  • Implement best practices
  • Leverage key technologies
  • Fulfill brand vision & promise
  • Streamline internal & external processes