Rising demand for data compels global telecom vendors to provide systems that enhance speed and scalability. For such complex networks to function smoothly, effective methods of transmitting data across the globe is vital – whether terrestrial or satellite-based. At IGN SAT, our endeavor is to deliver connectivity so that the transmission of data becomes easy, flexible and seamless.

As satellite communications provide the much-needed versatility for business development, The Satellite Services Division – IGN SAT of IGNETS delivers space segment & satellite based connectivity for all mission critical applications. Through key alliances with well-known satellite providers, we provide various satellite based connectivity services like SCPC VSAT, MCPC VSAT & DVBS2 / NS3 Hub-based services using truly tested & trusted technology designed by globally renowned manufacturers. These manufacturers include Newtec, Comtech EFDATA, Hughes & iDirect etc. Our satellite services may be acquired by the customers for their Datacom, Telecom, Broadcasting & Uplinking services. On the other hand, our chunks of Space segments with unrivalled connectivity and worldwide coverage. This includes a large array of C-Band, Ku-Band and Ka-Band satellites like SingTel, Asiasat, Apstar, Paksat-1R, AM Express – 7, Koreasat, Intelsat & Eutelsat satellites.

A perfect combination of the cutting edge technology, high power satellite capacity & highly distinguished expertise of IGN SAT technocrats, we believe TmS can provide satellite services to the exact expectations of its customers. We do understand that typical solution designing is the field of ‘Experts’. And the ‘Experience’ makes a person or organization ‘Expert’ when they deliver similar tasks / projects with dedicated efforts. Each time when they deliver they add another level of innovation into their experience. IT, Telecom & Media Servicing sectors are such vast sectors which definitely need immense potential to become an expert. IGN SAT is proud of the company of industry icons who ensure to successfully deliver the most complex & large size of satellite projects.

In Pakistan, almost every satellite network servicing company has made serious mistakes within their selection about satellite & up-linking technology. Without mentioning the names several service provider made mistakes while selecting TDMA (Time Division Multiple Access) technology, where as some made blunders of implementing SCPC DAMA (Single Channel Per Carrier Demand Assigned Multiple Access Technology). Both of these selections failed brutally and hundreds of customers suffered for availing Bad Solution. IGN SAT on the contrary (with the Grace of Almighty Allah) did not make such mistakes and none of our customer ever felt getting “BAD Solution”.

Here, we would like to mention that TDMA & SCPC DAMA are very good technologies but they do not suit those clients which seek dedicated access to the satellites like Telco operators. Technically speaking these technologies does not only provide enough dedicated pipes of connectivity but also do not assure the Data Integrity once they enter the clouds of Service Providers. This is also why these kinds of networks were never deployed by Armed Forces, Security Agencies, Data Warehousing companies, Database owning companies & TV operators etc. IGN SAT on the other hand enjoys its 100% success in technological understanding, research & internal brainstorming before we decide to adapt any new technology. We seriously invest our time, efforts & financial resources to an extent our teams fly abroad, visit manufacturing facilities to understand the technology in depths and then conduct “Tests” before we finally adapt the technology for our customers.

IGN SAT’s strength is to customize technological solution while understanding every bit & bite of our customer requirement and deliver a tailored made solution over Turnkey basis. This is exactly why, IGN SAT has been awarded contracts / purchase order from every sector of Pakistan’s market which include Media / Government / Public, Private, Multinational, Financial, Manufacturing, Food & Beverage, Oil & Gas, SME & Media sector of Pakistan.

IGN SAT therefore, pleases to present following satellite based solutions / services to its valued customers:

  • COTP & COTM Solutions
  • iDirect Services
  • Satellite Capacity Provisioning
  • GSM Satellite Backhaul Solutions
  • SCPC VSAT Services