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    Get A Tailored Software Solution Meant For Your Business

    At IGNETS, we size up our customers and tailor customized solutions that fit their unique business processes. We know that each one of you has your own way of working so instead of selling you any default product or solution we put your convenience on top and provide you exactly what you want.

    Our dedicated team of over 100 engineers makes sure that each one of our clients gets the best of what we have to offer.


    Have Your Team Members Ever Asked?

    • Can I manage my leads in a better way?
    • I wish our business processes were more streamlined. Is there a way to do so?
    • Can I get reports of everything happening in my business at any instance?
    • Can we automate our email marketing campaigns?
    • How and when do I get back to my hundreds (sometimes thousands) of customers and offer them tailored communication without losing my mind?
    • How do I share data with my team members?
    • Is there any business intelligence system that could enable me to measure results?
    • How can I turn my idea into an actual product?
    • What is the best possible technology to build my software?

    You Need Tools And We Are The Blacksmiths

    Your team needs the right tools to get your business thriving and we define ourselves as blacksmiths of technology. Over the past few years we have created hundreds of applications that tune with the unique processes of our clients. We believe that processes should not be molded according to the technology but technology should be flexible enough to suit your processes.

    Be it a simple application or a complex one, desktop or mobile, cloud-based or local, we pick just the right tools for you.

    Equipped with comprehensive customer sentiment data from across our IGNETS, our support technologists are wired & ready to anticipate and act on any customer need in 20+ languages, across any channel, all while strategically transitioning service to sales at every touchpoint.

    We are highly selective in recruiting our global agent force, resulting in highly meaningful and effective interactions, across 20+ languages.

    You can’t upsell a customer if they don’t trust you. We make sure our agents exemplify the best in your brand, quickly and effectively solve issues on the first pass, then set the table for what to sell next.

    Successful customer retention is a key factor in ongoing brand revenue, performance, and profit. We understand how important a positive interaction can be, and how vocal a lost customer is. We work to ensure that an angry customer doesn’t turn into a lost customer.

    Our support agents specialize in maintaining highly-engaging and highly-valuable support calls, with call times optimized appropriately for effective support and sales.

    • Customer Care
    • Billing Inquiries
    • Service to Sales
    • Sales
    • Technical Support
    • Customer Retention

    Customers are increasingly using digital and social channels to approach the brands they love. We can quickly and successfully handle customer inquiries from any channel, analyze all digital sentiment for intelligent action, and leave customers with an overwhelmingly positive brand experience.

    • Chat
    • SMS
    • Email
    • IVR
    • Social
    • Analytics

    At IGNETS, we work with you to create a contact center delivery model that is optimal for your business needs. We take into account all factors including your unique situation, technology constraints, business needs, and financial considerations. Once we have assessed your complete set of requirements, we will structure a customized support solution that completely fulfills your brand requirements.

    • Fully Outsourced
    • Build/Operate/Transfer
    • Co-Sourced
    • Facility Re-Build

    Always available and jam-packed with answers, Valet is an adaptive chatbot that learns as it helps, quickly triaging and solving high-frequency support requests via a huge database of learned & predefined issues, complete with resolution pathways for immediate solutions to any number of customer inquiries.

    We know that forward-thinking brands need more than just a vendor – they need a strategic partner who can help improve their organization, discover efficiencies, bring down costs, and implement dynamic new technologies and processes that drive performance enhancement and evolution across every link in your enterprise value chain.

    • Build efficiencies
    • Implement best practices
    • Leverage key technologies
    • Fulfill brand vision & promise
    • Streamline internal & external processes

    Realizing the severity of the security & terroristic situation which have strangled almost every country most specially Pakistan which has been threatended both internally & externally by the terrorists groups, IGNETS decided to excel in providing fool proof security & surveillance systems to its customers in the country & nearby regions. Being a leading IT & Telecom service provider, IGNETS feels that its IT & Telecom system expertise anticipates the company to establish a fully owned security & surveillance division within the company – IGN SECURE. This division is born out to tackle the increasing need for high caliber independent security infrastructure buildups, relevant software platforms & converged & elite networks which may secure its customers all over the country.

    At IGN SECURE, the Surveillance & Security Systems are uniquely placed to meet the demands of this specialized market place. The depth of experience and knowledge gained over ten plus years by our technocrats while working with leading security companies in their recent past, multiplies its capability which is reflected in the value of the services this division offers. Surveillance team covers the spectrum of security expertise and our clients may be assured that our security solutions are designed to be practical, cost effective and confidential. Our teams also have current commercial experience and outstanding technical & industry global technological knowledge coupled with a thorough understanding of the legal process, Civil Procedure Rules and evidence in Court which adds another level of excellence to prepare cutting highly dependable solutions for its customers.

    IGN SECURE presents its most innovated solutions in Encryption, Security Gadgets, CCTV Monitoring, Access Control, Time Attendance, Fire and Smoke Detection systems etc. This division possesses complete line up of advance research based & high-end products from the worlds’ renowned manufactures / suppliers which helps company management to see a safer point to view and helps them to identify what they consider important.

    Following are the salient solutions which this division has started presenting to its customers:

    • Encryption Solutions
    • Security Gadgets Solutions
    • CCTV Solutions
    • Aerial Surveillance
    • Walk Through Gates Solutions
    • Vehicle Road Blockers Solutions
    • Electric Fencing Solutions

    Carriers and service providers are working today in a highly competitive environment. The customer has multiple choices for access – cable, DSL, satellite, fixed-wireless IP, hosting and wholesale – and many more when selecting their services provider whereas switching the providers is easy. In addition, many carriers have made huge investments in network infrastructure, such as access and backbone networks, and find themselves with decreasing revenues (due to competition) on the other side. As a result, carriers and service providers are adopting new ways to better use their existing infrastructure in order to:

    • Manage Over Subscription– enable carriers to successfully serve more subscribers over a given infrastructure.
    • Increase revenues and reduce CAPEX and OPEX
    • Offer new services that will attract new customers and especially the high paying ones
    • Retain existing customers
    • Offer Premium Services– increase revenues by providing subscribers with new choices of premium services, attract new subscribers and increase the ARPU (Average Revenue per User)
    • Enforce User Policies with Fair and equal Access– Set policies and caps to control aggressive bandwidth users who attempt to consume more than their share of bandwidth and disrupt performance for others.
    • Manage virtual server farms
    • Advanced Billing– charge on actual use of network services and bandwidth used. The IGN VAS solutions caters for both fixed and scalable bandwidth plans
    • Centralized Reporting and Management– IGN VAS offers several solutions for managing multi-unit IGN VAS deployments. Namely Central management server and IGN VAS Report server
    • Network security– control and contain security threats such as denial of service to subscribers
    • Realtime Network Traffic monitoring– understand user and application-level network utilization for trouble shooting, analysis and long-term planning.
    • Remove or limit Illegal traffic type such as p2p at layer 7

    The ISP or carrier business model is becoming increasingly complex as:

    • The need to differentiate services that add value (virus scanning, anti-spam, firewall and security management etc)
    • The increasing complexity of client connectivity choices (DSL, cable, wireless etc)
    • The addition of more traffic and protocol types that require differing levels of service

    In order to facilitate our customers who just don’t want to seek usual & basic connectivity & internetworking services, IGNETS offers highly distinguished Value Added Services (VAS) to meet their mounting expectations. Therefore, in order to meet customized VAS requirements better, IGNETS laid foundation of VAS specific servicing vertical, called IGN VAS.

    The ISP or carrier business model is becoming increasingly complex as:

    • The need to differentiate services that add value (virus scanning, anti-spam, firewall and security management etc)
    • The increasing complexity of client connectivity choices (DSL, cable, wireless etc)
    • The addition of more traffic and protocol types that require differing levels of service

    In order to facilitate our customers who just don’t want to seek usual & basic connectivity & internetworking services, IGN VAS offers highly distinguished Value Added Services (VAS) to meet the mounting expectations of its customers. Therefore, in order to meet customized VAS requirements better, Telemax laid foundation of VAS specific division, called TeleVAS®.

    IGN VAS offers wide range of value added services, few out of which are mentioned for the reference of our customers:

    • Audio / Video (AV) Conference Solutions
    • Fleet Management Solutions
    • Software Development & Mobile Applications
    • Building Management System (BMS)
    • eHealth Solutions
    • Web designing & Hosting Solutions

    Last two decades has witnessed the digitization of information which just became possible due to the creation of IP based networks. Internet has further supported this process and by the year 2007 about 839 millions users got connected to global network through Internet. Our planet has also succeeded to become a Globe Town. Within seconds any event that occurs in any part of the world reaches 67% of world’s population in the shape of news out of which the distribution platform becomes IP networks.

    Thus, IP services have brought a revolution in our world. Homes, offices, organizations, enterprises, defense, security agencies, banks and industries promoted themselves to automization and have adopted this cheaper & widely used connectivity.

    In Pakistan, IGNETS has excelled itself in IT related services and is strategically aligned itself with leading IP carriers in Pakistan & abroad, for the provisioning of Internet & IP based networks to its customers. It also partners with leading ICT infrastructure providers to supply state of the art & cutting edge technology to its customers. We feel proud of our strategic alliance with globally reputed manufacturers like Cisco, Juniper, IBM, Dell & HP for the provisioning of dependable ICT services.

    On the other hand, IGNETS is aligned itself with leading Telecom operators & Internet broadband services – Mobilink & China Mobile Pakistan for the provisioning of Corporate Internet Wireless bandwidth, IP based WAN solutions like MPLS.

    IGNETS is the Internetworking division of IGNETS which enjoys its in-house expertise & financial, research mechanism, technology applications, customer services resources enabling itself to provide unmatchable IP based services. IGNETS is fully capable to design, commence, operate & maintain of IP projects of any volume & size for its customer. For any project which require global exposure our teams has the access to our global partners for their valuable inputs.

    IGNETS provides following distinguished services with cutting edge technology:

    • Internet of Things (IOT)
    • Data Center Solutions
    • Corporate Internet Services
    • MPLS Services – DPLC / IPLC
    • ICT Infrastructure Buildup
    • Innovative LAN Solutions

    The word “Wireless” has become the common catchphrase these days in our globally connected universe. With the world going wireless, the technology has opened the doors to a newer level of communications. It gives us the comfort of streaming information and to have the access; be it movies or music from the system to use it anywhere. Thanks for the wireless technologies. As the wireless technology is quickly developing and most of us are depending on wireless applications one way or the other, the impact it creates in our lives is outstanding!

    The area which gained much from the wireless technology is the enterprises. As far as the enterprise is considered a physical infrastructure seems good, but having all the wires running throughout a building is difficult to manage and costly. With the increase in the workforce, the physical connections at the workplace would create a total clutter.

    Enterprise wireless is a totally a feasible and reliable solutions for the organizations. It is surely the choice of good productivity at every phase of an organization. In order to resolve the connection and other common issues normally found with the wired connections, wireless solution is a blessing for the enterprises.

    On the contrary, with an incredible increase in the network traffic and the need for systematic management of network connections, enterprises shifted to Wireless LAN Solutions across the globe. IGNETS realizing the demand of wireless connectivity solutions initiated a totally separate services vertical – IGN WAVE having its financial, technical and research resources offering tailored & secured access to network resources and applications to help organizations increase productivity and responsiveness. Convenience, Mobility, High Productivity, Expandability, Reduced Cost, Security and Quick deployments are the major factors that give the wireless solutions of IGN WAVE a competitive advantage over its competition. We make sure that all our clients stay connected with their businesses – Anytime and Anywhere!

    Emerging wireless technologies on the other hand, will make significant contributions to the fundamental scientific understanding and technical knowledge while promoting community awareness of this emerging field. Development of efficient communication technologies has resulted from integrated research activities which has enabled future-generation heterogeneous communication networks. With the evolution of IEEE 80211 AD, 80211AC & TR-069, IGNETS has been proactive for adopting the technology advancement & adaptation.

    Our expert team of engineers can customize the solutions as per your specific requirements regardless of your organizations size. We set the highest standards of QoS & security which ensures that only authorized personnel can access the systems in the network. We add profitability and efficiency to our customer’s daily operations and make their space a better place to work at.

    Following are some salient benefits of wireless solutions being presented by IGN WAVE designed by its highly experienced team of wireless profession, based over cutting edge technology manufactured by global technology inventers:

    Benefits of wireless solutions presented by IGN WAVE

    Convenience : Users can access network from any location with existing networking environment
    Productivity : A high level productivity can be achieved if users can accomplish their tasks from any given location
    Mobility : Connect users to the Internet even outside the network
    Deployment : Wireless networks doesn’t involve additional costs and complexity
    Cost : Life-cycle expenses and overall costs will be lower than wired LAN hardware
    Expandability : Configuration and range in wireless networks can be conveniently changed for limited number of users to full infrastructure network with thousands of users

    In order to address the growing demands of our customers seeking tailored & customized wireless services, IGNETS has devised to assemble a separate wireless services vertical with the organization called IGN WAVE. This division offers a wide a range of wireless solutions to our customers in all sectors Government, Defense, Finance, Telecom and Corporate & SME. IGN WAVE possesses the innovative, affordable and proven enterprise wireless solutions that offer an integrated access within the organization. Our wireless solutions provide a platform for accessing the enterprise application and data and it makes way for the new businesses.

    The enterprise wireless solutions is on the mainstream and has proved it to be an important tool in getting access to voice, real-time information , company databases, Sales-force automation, email applications, calendar and the other critical information pertaining to a business. We offer both the indoor and outdoor solutions that unify the best features of wired and wireless network to deliver the manageable & secured wireless solutions for our customer’s organizations.

    IGN WAVE is proud to present following innovative & distinctive wireless services for its customers:

    • Indoor Wireless Services
    • Outdoor Wireless Services
    • Wireless Internet Services
    • Wireless Security Solutions
    • Wireless Backhaul Networks
    • GSM Wireless Rollout Services