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The Wireless Services Division Of IGNETS

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The Satellite Services Division Of IGNETS

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Products And Solutions

IGNETSNET is the Internetworking division of IGNETS which has enriched resources and expertise to design, integrate, operate & maintain all sorts of LAN / WAN solutions with the provision of ICT infrastructure. With the vision of creating satisfied client base in Pakistan & nearby regions, we aim to enter in Pakistan’s market with distinguished cutting edge networking capabilities. We are delighted to present our most innovated LAN / WAN, ICT infrastructure, Data Center, Corporate Internet bandwidths, MPLS & IOT solutions for our customers in Pakistan & nearby regions

Equipped with comprehensive customer sentiment data from across our IGNETS, our support technologists are wired & ready to anticipate and act on any customer need in 20+ languages, across any channel, all while strategically transitioning service to sales at every touchpoint.

We are highly selective in recruiting our global agent force, resulting in highly meaningful and effective interactions, across 20+ languages.

You can’t upsell a customer if they don’t trust you. We make sure our agents exemplify the best in your brand, quickly and effectively solve issues on the first pass, then set the table for what to sell next.

At IGNETS, we size up our customers and tailor customized solutions that fit their unique business processes. We know that each one of you has your own way of working so instead of selling you any default product or solution we put your convenience on top and provide you exactly what you want.

Your team needs the right tools to get your business thriving and we define ourselves as blacksmiths of technology. Over the past few years we have created hundreds of applications that tune with the unique processes of our clients. We believe that processes should not be molded according to the technology but technology should be flexible enough to suit your processes.

IGNETSWAVE being the Wireless Services vertical of IGNETS, can cater customer’s requirements for Point to Point (P2P) & Point to Multipoint wireless connectivity in respect to Metropolitan (MAN) solutions as well as last-mile delivery for high-speed Internet and MPLS connectivity. This service vertical is also designed to present elite Wireless Network Security, Wireless Backhauls and GSM Wireless Rollout solutions to its valued customers.

IGNETSAT realizing the difficult situation of maintaining wired-based networks by the service providers in Pakistan, has planned to provide its state of art satellite technology services tailored for the specific needs of its customers in Pakistan. We believe in utilizing the latest & innovative technological trends and utilization of transponder capacity of leading GEO stationary satellites covering Pakistan in C, Ku and Ka frequency bands. We feel proud to present our most innovative SCPC VSAT, iDirect, COTP / COTM solutions and most diligent GSM Satellite Backhauling services partnering with local & global service providers to its customers in Pakistan & nearby regions.

IGNETS, understanding the recent growing market niche of Digital Media & Pay TV, prepares itself and builds a separate servicing division – IGNETSMEDIA, having its own financial & technical resources to provide focused services to the clients in media industry of Pakistan and nearby markets. With a team of highly experienced & seasoned technocrats and partnered with the globally renowned manufacturers IGNETSMEDIA proudly presents its distinguished solutions in Uplink Earthstations, Contribution VSAT, DSNG / OB Vans, Broadcasting, News Gathering solutions and elite Media Consulting Services to TV, FM & Production houses in Pakistan & nearby regions

In order to facilitate our customers who just don’t want to seek usual & basic connectivity or Internetworking services, IGNETS offers highly distinguished Value Added Services (VAS) to meet the mounting expectations of its customers under the flagship of its uniquely designed services vertical IGNETSVAS. This services vertical of IGNETS is delighted to present AV Conferencing, Fleet Management, eHealth, Building Management, Mobile Applications, Web hosting, designing & development solutions IGNETSVAS offers wide range of value added services which enables the IGNETS to enjoy its distinctive edge within its competition.

Realizing the severity of the security & terroristic situation which have strangled almost every country across the world, most specially Pakistan, both internally & externally; IGNETS decided to excel in providing fool proof security & surveillance systems to its customers in the country & nearby regions. Being a leading service provider, IGNETS  feels that its IT & Telecom systems’ expertise which anticipates the company to establish a fully owned security & surveillance division within the company – IGNETSECURE. This division is born to tackle the increasing need for high caliber independent security infrastructure buildups, relevant software platforms & converged & secure networks which may provide desired security to its customers all over the country. IGNETSECURE presents CCTV, Aerial Surveillance, Security Gadgets, Walk through Gates, Vehicle Road Blockers & Electrical fencing solutions for its customers in Pakistan & nearby regions


To develop highly dependable IT, Telecommunication & Media infrastructure basing upon 6R (Right, Reliable, Robust, Redundant, Resilient, Rapid) capable of adhere dependable media and connectivity services for its customers, empowering it to interpret & harness information, ensuring correct & timely decisions and increasing organizational effectiveness & productivity


Our Cutting Edge Solutions:

  • Detailed analysis of customer’s requirement
  • Developing customized solutions
  • Comprehensive & Cost effective Services
  • Rapid & effective deployment

IGNETS goes an extra mile with its esteemed customers by analyzing their exact requirements of Throughput, Network Sizing, speed / data rates and network type & conducts exclusive study to develop tailored solutions. We specialize in delivering customized services based on specific technical and commercial requirements of our clients.

Our Valued Customers And Partners