Last two decades has witnessed the digitization of information which just became possible due to the creation of IP based networks. Internet has further supported this process and by the year 2007 about 839 millions users got connected to global network through Internet. Our planet has also succeeded to become a Globe Town. Within seconds any event that occurs in any part of the world reaches 67% of world’s population in the shape of news out of which the distribution platform becomes IP networks.

Thus, IP services have brought a revolution in our world. Homes, offices, organizations, enterprises, defense, security agencies, banks and industries promoted themselves to automization and have adopted this cheaper & widely used connectivity.

In Pakistan, IGNETS has excelled itself in IT related services and is strategically aligned itself with leading IP carriers in Pakistan & abroad, for the provisioning of Internet & IP based networks to its customers. It also partners with leading ICT infrastructure providers to supply state of the art & cutting edge technology to its customers. We feel proud of our strategic alliance with globally reputed manufacturers like Cisco, Juniper, IBM, Dell & HP for the provisioning of dependable ICT services.

On the other hand, IGNETS is aligned itself with leading Telecom operators & Internet broadband services – Mobilink & China Mobile Pakistan for the provisioning of Corporate Internet Wireless bandwidth, IP based WAN solutions like MPLS.

IGNETS is the Internetworking division of IGNETS which enjoys its in-house expertise & financial, research mechanism, technology applications, customer services resources enabling itself to provide unmatchable IP based services. IGNETS is fully capable to design, commence, operate & maintain of IP projects of any volume & size for its customer. For any project which require global exposure our teams has the access to our global partners for their valuable inputs.

IGNETS provides following distinguished services with cutting edge technology:

  • Internet of Things (IOT)
  • Data Center Solutions
  • Corporate Internet Services
  • MPLS Services – DPLC / IPLC
  • ICT Infrastructure Buildup
  • Innovative LAN Solutions